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Mount Dora, FL- December 2002- TSC EVENTS INC. is honored to have PORSCHE OF NORTH ORLANDO as the presenting sponsor at the fourth annual "FESTIVAL OF EXOTIC CARS" on Saturday, February 22nd on the streets of Mount Dora. This year's honor marque is Porsche. 175+ exotic cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and others to be on display.

    Festivities begin on Friday with a "Back Roads Tour" which will feature an array of exotic cars traveling throughout historic downtown Mount Dora and the surrounding countryside. Along the way, car owners will take a pit stop for a fabulous luncheon and group photo. The tour finale will be a special celebration toast of Mint Juleps and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
    Friday evening, drivers, sponsors, guests and the championship ALEX JOB Porsche factory race team will gather for a Smooth Jazz "meet and greet" with jazz musician Warren Parish at the Lakeside Inn. In addition, the Europa Gallery will host a huge display of both vintage and contemporary automotive art. Artist Steve Bach, who painted the official event poster this year, will be on hand to sign prints as well. Last but not least, a silent auction will take place with 100% of proceeds going to charity. TSC EVENTS INC. recently raised over $25,000 for charity at their Concours the "Winter Park Concours d'Elegeance"

The main attraction for automotive enthusiasts will be the display of exotic cars which takes place on Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm. Over 175 rare and exotic cars will be on display throughout the downtown streets of Mount Dora. Featured will be an impressive selection of automotive marques including Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Pantera, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Viper, Prowler, and Lotus. Show owners have hinted of a special unveiling of the new Ferrari super car the "Enzo." John Costello of FERRARI/MASERATI OF CENTRAL FLORIDA in Maitland had this to say�"This is our fourth year as a sponsor of this festival and we consider this, as well as the Winter Park Concors d' Elegance, a must attend event." Automotive collector Wayne Nelson, who has attended both events and is a "Best of show" winner, had this to say,"I have displayed in car shows nationwide including Pebble Beach and have always made it a point to attend both of the Concours that TSC EVENTS produces annually."

The moment everyone will be waiting for will take place on Saturday evening. Participants, sponsors and guests will attend an elegant awards banquet on the grounds of the Victorian era Lakeside Inn overlooking beautiful Lake Dora. A well-appointed white canopy tent, complete with chandeliers and potted palms, will provide seating to enjoy a culinary journey of fine food and spirits. Overjoyed award winners will accept their trophies as cameras flash and the crowd cheers. Tickets to attend the awards banquet are available through TSC EVENTS Inc.

As for entertainment, attendees can expect to stroll through the streets of downtown Mount Dora while enjoying light Jazz and a "ringside" view of the cars on display. In addition, merchants will roll out the red carpet with wine tastings, a vintage cigar smoke and other interesting venues.

    The Festival of Exotic Cars presenting sponsor is PORSCHE OF NORTH ORLANDO, Supporting Sponsor is Ferrari/Maserati of Central Florida with Corporate Sponsors, du Pont Registry Magazine, Euro Tech of Winter Park, Exotic Car Transport, Lakeside Inn, Mercedes-Benz of Orlando, Mount Dora Estate Jewelers, Premier Financial Services, Raymond James & Associates, SunTrust, Tubi Styles USA & Ultimate Motorworks. For information on attending, contact show organizers at 352-385-9450 or 352-383-1181 or visit the website @ WWW.TSCEVENTS.COM

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 Northampton, Pennsylvania January 8 a Technology Consulting and Web Development Company announced today that it has inked an agreement with Cross Net Media of Southampton, PA. Under this agreement ProvideTechnology will provide support, supervision and management of Cross Net Media's "Marketing Power" suite of services.

ProvideTechnology founder Jack Spirko stated, "This is a big day for us indeed. The chemistry between our two groups could not be better and when we combine the search engine optimization techniques of my company with the public relations reach of Cross Net Media we are truly going to be offering clients something special. We are going to bring a true brokerage approach to Internet marketing and help the average businessperson actually use the Internet to gain customers and make money".

Cross Net Media's president Gene Culver remarked when asked about this new service, "With this new concept we are not talking about just hitting the top of a search engine such as Google, Overture or Yahoo for a few search terms but an ongoing and continuously adjusted campaign".

We asked Mr. Culver exactly what makes this concept different from other Internet Marketing programs and he concluded, "This new concept will allow us to monitor the effects of today's Internet marketing trends. When those trends change, we can adjust our customer's accounts daily to optimize their effectiveness in gaining new customers over the web. Cross Net Media will really be a Brokerage House insuring that the investments of our clients are protected and produce results both today and tomorrow".

About Cross Net Media, Inc. - Cross Net Media is a Marketing Services Broker focusing on both online and offline marketing designed to improve a clients web presence through the use of proven systems such as print media, search engine marketing, key word optimization, media relations and pay per click advertising to optimize the advertising efforts of its' clients. More information can be found at the company's website located at and company's President, Gene Culver can be reached for comment at 267-988-8751 Ext 221.

About ProvideTechnology, LLC � ProvideTechnology is a technology consulting company that offers services such Internet Marketing, T1 and Dedicated Services and Technology Consulting to it's clients. More information can be found at the company's website located at and the company's CEO, Jack Spirko can be reached for comment at 866-994-1212.

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 LANCASTER, PA.--November, 2002. Maxima Technologies, the group enterprise that produces the Stewart Warner, Datcon and AST brands of vehicle instruments, has launched a new product line called Power SeriesTM based on the company's classic Stewart Warner "Custom-Deluxe" line originally used on Big 3 muscle cars. The Power SeriesTM has been developed for the street performance and street rod markets, as well as classic muscle cars, with updates in technology for today's vehicles. In the �60s, Stewart Warner Custom-Deluxe instruments were used in Corvettes, Corvairs and Mustangs, to name a few.

Four kits are being offered: 1) Five-gauge electric (programmable speedometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge, and oil pressure gauge), 2) Six-gauge electric (programmable speedometer, tachometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge, and oil pressure gauge), 3) Five-gauge mechanical (programmable speedometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge with 6' capillary tube, and oil pressure gauge with tubing kit), and 4) Six-gauge mechanical (programmable speedometer, tachometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge with 6' capillary tube, and oil pressure gauge with tubing kit).

Three trim colors are available--burgundy, titanium or blue/gray--to match the typical color schemes of �60s muscle cars. Each instrument includes a silver disk in the center featuring a unique, ingrained circular pattern for added texture. Pointers are white with a black base, and pointer hubs include a matching silver cap. Bezels are stainless steel. Instruments also feature silver-on-black graphics in a distinctive muscle car style font.

The Power SeriesTM line was introduced at the 2002 NSRA Nationals and is now available for sale. Craven Mabrey, Director-Aftermarket & Distribution Sales, notes that, "The Power SeriesTM is an exciting update to a Stewart Warner product line that was sold in the 1960s and 1970s. We got the idea to reintroduce the product line from the fact that the original versions are being traded on the internet and they seem to have retained their popularity and appeal. And since the Power SeriesTM is based on our original platform and original components as opposed to being knock-offs, what could be better for a muscle car owner?"

Stewart Warner is a high-quality brand of vehicle instruments produced by Maxima Technologies. Since 1905, Stewart Warner has been a leading supplier of automotive instruments and senders for O.E.M. and aftermarket customers. Maxima is a full-service, global electronics company specializing in electronic controls, vehicle instrumentation and components for off-highway, specialty vehicle, industrial and on-highway vehicles. The company is ISO 9001 and QS-9000 certified.

For more information, contact Michael R. Stoeckel @ 717-581-1000, ext. 219, or

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Are you confused by the flood of information on how to improve your internet marketing results?

Mastering the search engines, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, website design, writing articles, and on it goes.

Doesn't it seem more and more complicated to focus in on what really works and what doesn't?

After working to build many businesses from the ground up over the last 10 years, it's more clear than ever that there are 2 main principles that will largely dictate your success in any business. All of the other techniques build on these first two principles.

Think of these two main principles as the cement pillars that hold up a bridge - without them, no matter how well you construct the bridge, it will still fall down.

Focus your energies, time and resources around meeting these two key principles - you will immediately see a big difference in your results.


You must have a well positioned product, fulfilling a hot desire within a clearly identifiable and accessible target market.

Let's break this down.

Making a profit in business is really quite a simple concept, you have to earn more revenue than your cost. Revenue minus cost is your profit.

So where does that cost come from?

The two big sources of costs are: costs associated with creating or finding your product to sell and cost of reaching your market to sell your product

It only makes sense then that identifying a hot desire within a market you know how to reach will mean much lower costs for your businss. Ultimately, this means more profit for you.

Have you ever run against the wind? Tried to swim upstream in a river? Walk one way in a crowd when everyone else was walking the other way?

It's a very tough lesson to learn.

I've been brought it to consult with companies that have burned through millions of dollars before learning this lesson.

You cannot FORCE a low-demand product on a market - no matter how much money you spend on marketing.

You cannot hope to reach enough buyers in the entire marketplace even with a very high-demand product in one segment.

In fact, I've seen situations where unknown entrepreneurs enter a market, quickly identify a hot desire, address it with a less than perfect product and in a very short time have created wealth 100X higher than anyone else in that market.

An old mentor of mine used to tell me all the time, "focus on the low lying fruit - there's far more than enough to go around"


You must reach your market with a clear, empathetic message that instantly catches your readers attention, interest, desire and moves them to see your product as THE answer to their deepest desires.

If you were reading closely, you'll recognize Principle #2 as the same principles that underly great copywriting.

How do you become a great copywriter and master Principle #2?

1. Research, research and research. I make sure I have a pulse on my target market's desires, needs, emotional triggers. Focus in on WHY they want a solution to a particular problem. Research takes many forms... speak with them survey them read what they read talk to others who do business with your market test using articles and special reports to guage the response do what they do

By doing this you should have content for 20-30 (at least) different benefits for your product.


2. Polish your benefit statements. This is where you can use books of action verbs, swap files (samples of great ads, letters and webpages), the services of a copywriter. This is the technical aspect of copywriting which can be learned by reading other great material.

Far too many people go right to #2, as a result their benefit statements seem bland, miss the mark or seem the same as everyone else.

Next time you get distracted by the latest and greatest tip, technique or strategy - know that focusing on these 2 fundamental principles: In-demand product ideas and effective copywriting, will make the most difference to your pocketbook in both today and in the future.

About the Author

Discover how to create your own best-selling eBooks, Special reports or books to sell online ...AND keep 100% of the profits. Limited time complimentary access to 7-Part Minicourse will get you started quickly and easily. Visit:

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 NEW YORK, NY July 8, 2004 -- The inaugural AMERICAN LE MANS SERIES "FESTIVAL OF SPEED" took place on Wednesday, June 30th at the World Financial Center Winter Garden in lower Manhattan. The event featured exotic road cars as well as race cars from the American Le Mans Series. The festival was sponsored by Ray Catena Imports, Manhattan Motorcars, Premier Financial Services and Miller Motorcars.

Festivities began Wednesday as a select group of exotic cars took positions on the upper plaza and inside the prestigious Winter Garden at the World Financial Center. The World Financial Center overlooks the Hudson River and is home to some of the world's most prominent corporations including both American Express and Merrill Lynch.

Exotic cars placed for display included the Maybach, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley GT Coupe, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Aston Martin DB 9, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari 360 Spider and other high-end exotics. Aston Martin, the car of choice for James Bond brought out two of it's most important recent achievements. The only DB 9 Coupe in existence and the very rare DB AR1 Zagato roadster of which there are only 99 in existence.

When asked about finding a place to display these amazing machines, event organizers Joe Sabatini & Dave Raber had this to say, "The settings that we choose for our exotic car displays is often one of the most important decisions we make. It has to reflect both the uniqueness and elegance of the cars themselves. One look at the Tuscan marble and soaring glass atrium of the World Financial Center Winter Garden and we knew we had found it."    

American Le Mans Series race cars on display included two cars from Intersport Racing, the team's LMP1-class Lola B160-Judd as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans LMP2 class-winning Lola B2K/40-Judd. Clint Field, LMP2 class winner at Le Mans and in the most recent ALMS race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, was also on hand at the Manhattan event. ALMS driver Leo Hindery, a New York resident who is well-known in the city as Chairman of the YES Network, was at the event with the BAM! Porsche 911 GT3 RSR that he will drive at Lime Rock. Also present was an Audi R8 from ADT Champion Racing, overall-winning team in last week's ALMS event at Mid-Ohio, and the Panoz Motor Sports Panoz Esperante GT-LM of Gunnar Jeannette and Kelly Collins.

Later that evening a reception was held at the Grill Room Restaurant. With it's panoramic sunset views, the Grill Room is a financial district favorite for both Wall Streeters and their clients. Guests enjoyed cocktails from a premium brands open bar and indulged in a wide array of culinary delights. Later in the evening, a special cake was presented to Mr. Brian Miller of Manhattan Motorcars to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Rolls-Royce Motorcars.

What:     American Le Mans Series Festival of Speed.
When:     Wednesday, June 30th
Where: World Financial Center Winter Garden, New York, NY
Contact: Joe Sabatini
Phone: 352-385-9450

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In my own experience of marketing, sometimes a combination of marketing techniques works much better than if the same techniques were used individually.

For example, take Banner Advertising and Lotto Visitors.

Now everyone knows that Banner advertising no longer has the click though rate(CTR) that it used to have.

Nowadays, the average CTR is only around 1%, so purchasing thousands of impressions, and getting such a low CTR, can seriously put you out of pocket!

The alternative to expensive Banner Advertising, is to use a FREE Banner Exchange.

You place the Exchange Banner on your own site, and every time a visitor to your site sees it, you are given a credit, for your own banner. This is usually around 2:1, so you need 2 visitors to get 1 of your banners shown on another site in the exchange.

The problem with this of course, is that if you are getting zero, or very low traffic already, then the banner exchange will have virtually no effect on your traffic at all.

This is why banner exchanges have been largely criticised, since people were under the impression that they would substantially increase their traffic, and because they thought this, they became disappointed with the result.

However, banner exchanges do work if you have a reasonable amount of traffic to start with.

But how do you get a large amount of people to visit your website?

A guaranteed amount of visitors, can be bought at various lotto sites.

How it works, is that people go to a lotto site and can win prizes ranging from computers to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and all for free.

However, to participate, they have to agree to visit various sites. These are the sites of people who have paid the lotto owner to send the visitors there.

This does work, but only up to a point. If you pay, for example, for 10,000 visitors to visit your site, then you will get them. However, these visitors are not targetted. Most of them just want to get on and off your site as soon as possible to play their ticket.

Sure, some of them do stay, and look at your site, but again most site owners are disappointed by the results.

This is where the combination approach comes in. You use the power of the numbers of lotto visitors coming to your site, and the banner exchange, to 'convert' the visitors from untargetted to targetted.

This is what you need to do.

Join four different banner exchanges, and place the codes on your page. (Do not join more than four, or you may be accused of having a banner farm and will have your site deleted from the exchange.)

Now if each exchange gives you one exposure for every two visitors, then four exchanges gives you four times this amount, which means that for each two visitors you get four exposures.

So if, for example, you ordered 1,000 visitors from the lotto site, with the four exchanges, you will earn 2,000 exposures of your banner ad.

So 2,000 new people will see your banner ad. These however are quality prospects,who are in the exchange themselves. These people are far more likely to respond to what you have to offer, and will click on your banner ad because they are interested. So now you have targetted, rather than untargetted traffic!

(Incidentally, a cleverly worded banner, which has been designed using simple text, rather than sophisticated artwork and animation, can give you a CTR more like 4%!)

There are many different banner exchanges around, just type in 'banner exchange' at any search engine for a list. Experiment with different exchanges for best results, however the following I know to be effective:-

Again there are lots of different Lotto sites, but here are some examples of good sites:-

So in all of your campaigns, it is not always necessary to find completely new ways to promote your site. With a bit of imagination a combination of already established methods can be highly effective!

Paul White is a former teacher who now helps people around the world to make money online. Visit the popular Profit Mountain site at:- Subscribe to the FREE newsletter and receive tons of freebies, or with any questions or comments.

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