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Are you an online marketer? Or do you simply promote affiliate programs? Marketing is truly the most misunderstood word in use today on the Internet. Let me see if I can clarify this issue just a bit.

In Marketing 101 at your local university, marketing is actually the process of Product, Place, Price and Promotion.


No business can exist without a product or service to sell.

In a nutshell, entrepreneurs are the people who believe in a product, service or idea, so much that they are willing to invest their lives into the development of their dream.

Historically, every major corporation in the world was started by an entrepreneur with a dream and the drive to make it a reality.

However, there comes a time in the life of every corporation when those who fear the gambling nature of their founder, squash the entrepreneurial drive that made the company a viable concern in the first place. The entrepreneur will either submit to the careful nature of the stockholders, or he will be forced to leave the company he created.

The only entrepreneurs who withstand the pressure to move more carefully are those who have maintained majority control over their companies.


In the offline world, place is defined by location. On the Internet, place is defined by domain name and the web hosting service chosen.

Both online and offline, place can make or break a company without respect to the quality and value of the product, service or idea.


Selecting a price is determined first on a basis of whether the company wants to be seen as a discount or a value company.

Take for example Wal-Mart and Staples.

Wal-Mart is the lead discounter in the marketplace. Staples on the other hand is the specialist in office supplies.

Both sell a significant number of office supplies despite the fact that the lowest price can usually be found at Wal-Mart. As a value dealer, Staples can afford to charge more for their products than Wal-Mart.

So the question for you is whether you want to position your company as a discount or value company.

Testing has shown that products and services can be sold at any number of prices and still reach a significant number of people.

The challenge of selecting the best price for your product or service will require a certain amount of testing.


Let's assume we are selling a product. Let us also assume that we know that the product can be sold for $10 or $50. Let us also assume that if the price dips below $10 or rises above $50, then the product sales fall off significantly.

Our challenge is to determine the best rate at which to sell our product.

Testing has shown us that we can sell 1000 items a week at $10. Testing has also shown that we can sell 500 items per week at $50. And testing has shown that we can sell 650 items per week at $45.

At $10, our projected weekly earnings are $10,000. When we sell the product at $50, we know that we can earn $25,000 per week. Most importantly, we know that we can earn $29,250 when our product is priced at $45.

With the imaginary testing we have done on our imaginary product, we can easily see that selling our product at $45 per item will earn us more money over the long haul.

Thus, when we make the decision for a national rollout of our product, then we will price our product at $45.

Of course, this is a very simplistic analysis of the point I am trying to make. Though simple, I believe this analogy will help you understand the methods of developing a product's prices.


Promotion, on the other hand, is the process of notifying the consumers for your product or service of your availability to serve them.

Methods of promotion vary distinctly and should be arranged to meet very specific goals.

As with product, place and price, promotion should not be left to chance. You should test every ad, every media, and every price point to determine the best bang for your promotional dollars.


If you are an online promoter or marketer, please factor in the most important element concerning the cost of your promotions.

What element is that? Your time!

Value your time at a certain dollar amount, and figure in your time into the cost of your promotional accounting.

I say this because too many online promoters lose sight of this concept and spend 20 hours to generate one sale while using free advertising. Even if you rate your time at the federal minimum wage, then you will have invested $105 of your time for one sale that might only net you a gross of $45!


Most people who run a business on the Internet call themselves marketers. Yet, most of these same people are really just promoters wrapped in the label of a marketer.

True marketers do not promote without a lot of advance work. They spend time planning, testing and measuring their actions and results to get the most out of every dollar spent and earned.

Entrepreneurs finesse the art of marketing as they build their company into a major enterprise.

If you are a promoter who does not keep an eye on the total marketing equation, then you are bound to fail.

If you do call yourself a marketer, then do what a professional marketer does. Make sure that every dollar spent is spent well. Make sure that every dollar earned is put to good use. Market well so that when the people of the next generation look at your life, they will see a fine example of a successful entrepreneur that they will strive to emulate.


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Mount Dora, FL- December 2002- TSC EVENTS INC. is honored to have PORSCHE OF NORTH ORLANDO as the presenting sponsor at the fourth annual "FESTIVAL OF EXOTIC CARS" on Saturday, February 22nd on the streets of Mount Dora. This year's honor marque is Porsche. 175+ exotic cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and others to be on display.

    Festivities begin on Friday with a "Back Roads Tour" which will feature an array of exotic cars traveling throughout historic downtown Mount Dora and the surrounding countryside. Along the way, car owners will take a pit stop for a fabulous luncheon and group photo. The tour finale will be a special celebration toast of Mint Juleps and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
    Friday evening, drivers, sponsors, guests and the championship ALEX JOB Porsche factory race team will gather for a Smooth Jazz "meet and greet" with jazz musician Warren Parish at the Lakeside Inn. In addition, the Europa Gallery will host a huge display of both vintage and contemporary automotive art. Artist Steve Bach, who painted the official event poster this year, will be on hand to sign prints as well. Last but not least, a silent auction will take place with 100% of proceeds going to charity. TSC EVENTS INC. recently raised over $25,000 for charity at their Concours the "Winter Park Concours d'Elegeance"

The main attraction for automotive enthusiasts will be the display of exotic cars which takes place on Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm. Over 175 rare and exotic cars will be on display throughout the downtown streets of Mount Dora. Featured will be an impressive selection of automotive marques including Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Pantera, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Viper, Prowler, and Lotus. Show owners have hinted of a special unveiling of the new Ferrari super car the "Enzo." John Costello of FERRARI/MASERATI OF CENTRAL FLORIDA in Maitland had this to say�"This is our fourth year as a sponsor of this festival and we consider this, as well as the Winter Park Concors d' Elegance, a must attend event." Automotive collector Wayne Nelson, who has attended both events and is a "Best of show" winner, had this to say,"I have displayed in car shows nationwide including Pebble Beach and have always made it a point to attend both of the Concours that TSC EVENTS produces annually."

The moment everyone will be waiting for will take place on Saturday evening. Participants, sponsors and guests will attend an elegant awards banquet on the grounds of the Victorian era Lakeside Inn overlooking beautiful Lake Dora. A well-appointed white canopy tent, complete with chandeliers and potted palms, will provide seating to enjoy a culinary journey of fine food and spirits. Overjoyed award winners will accept their trophies as cameras flash and the crowd cheers. Tickets to attend the awards banquet are available through TSC EVENTS Inc.

As for entertainment, attendees can expect to stroll through the streets of downtown Mount Dora while enjoying light Jazz and a "ringside" view of the cars on display. In addition, merchants will roll out the red carpet with wine tastings, a vintage cigar smoke and other interesting venues.

    The Festival of Exotic Cars presenting sponsor is PORSCHE OF NORTH ORLANDO, Supporting Sponsor is Ferrari/Maserati of Central Florida with Corporate Sponsors, du Pont Registry Magazine, Euro Tech of Winter Park, Exotic Car Transport, Lakeside Inn, Mercedes-Benz of Orlando, Mount Dora Estate Jewelers, Premier Financial Services, Raymond James & Associates, SunTrust, Tubi Styles USA & Ultimate Motorworks. For information on attending, contact show organizers at 352-385-9450 or 352-383-1181 or visit the website @ WWW.TSCEVENTS.COM

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 LANCASTER, PA.--November, 2002. Maxima Technologies, the group enterprise that produces the Stewart Warner, Datcon and AST brands of vehicle instruments, has launched a new product line called Power SeriesTM based on the company's classic Stewart Warner "Custom-Deluxe" line originally used on Big 3 muscle cars. The Power SeriesTM has been developed for the street performance and street rod markets, as well as classic muscle cars, with updates in technology for today's vehicles. In the �60s, Stewart Warner Custom-Deluxe instruments were used in Corvettes, Corvairs and Mustangs, to name a few.

Four kits are being offered: 1) Five-gauge electric (programmable speedometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge, and oil pressure gauge), 2) Six-gauge electric (programmable speedometer, tachometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge, and oil pressure gauge), 3) Five-gauge mechanical (programmable speedometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge with 6' capillary tube, and oil pressure gauge with tubing kit), and 4) Six-gauge mechanical (programmable speedometer, tachometer, voltmeter, fuel-level gauge with sender, water temperature gauge with 6' capillary tube, and oil pressure gauge with tubing kit).

Three trim colors are available--burgundy, titanium or blue/gray--to match the typical color schemes of �60s muscle cars. Each instrument includes a silver disk in the center featuring a unique, ingrained circular pattern for added texture. Pointers are white with a black base, and pointer hubs include a matching silver cap. Bezels are stainless steel. Instruments also feature silver-on-black graphics in a distinctive muscle car style font.

The Power SeriesTM line was introduced at the 2002 NSRA Nationals and is now available for sale. Craven Mabrey, Director-Aftermarket & Distribution Sales, notes that, "The Power SeriesTM is an exciting update to a Stewart Warner product line that was sold in the 1960s and 1970s. We got the idea to reintroduce the product line from the fact that the original versions are being traded on the internet and they seem to have retained their popularity and appeal. And since the Power SeriesTM is based on our original platform and original components as opposed to being knock-offs, what could be better for a muscle car owner?"

Stewart Warner is a high-quality brand of vehicle instruments produced by Maxima Technologies. Since 1905, Stewart Warner has been a leading supplier of automotive instruments and senders for O.E.M. and aftermarket customers. Maxima is a full-service, global electronics company specializing in electronic controls, vehicle instrumentation and components for off-highway, specialty vehicle, industrial and on-highway vehicles. The company is ISO 9001 and QS-9000 certified.

For more information, contact Michael R. Stoeckel @ 717-581-1000, ext. 219, or

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 January 25 2004--Research and Markets announces the addition of this new guide entitled "Marketing the College 2004" to its offerings.

This guide profiles the efforts of 14 institutions to market their undergraduate programs in tough times. This guide covers many facets of marketing the undergraduate college such as Ebrochures, Personalized web site development, virtual tours, radio and tv advertising spending and strategy, use of billboards, use of consultants and research firms, direct mail and email marketing, printing, costs for viewbooks, brochures, catalogs and other printed promotional materials, approaches to the foreign student market.

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