Thursday, October 13, 2005

 Northampton, Pennsylvania January 8 a Technology Consulting and Web Development Company announced today that it has inked an agreement with Cross Net Media of Southampton, PA. Under this agreement ProvideTechnology will provide support, supervision and management of Cross Net Media's "Marketing Power" suite of services.

ProvideTechnology founder Jack Spirko stated, "This is a big day for us indeed. The chemistry between our two groups could not be better and when we combine the search engine optimization techniques of my company with the public relations reach of Cross Net Media we are truly going to be offering clients something special. We are going to bring a true brokerage approach to Internet marketing and help the average businessperson actually use the Internet to gain customers and make money".

Cross Net Media's president Gene Culver remarked when asked about this new service, "With this new concept we are not talking about just hitting the top of a search engine such as Google, Overture or Yahoo for a few search terms but an ongoing and continuously adjusted campaign".

We asked Mr. Culver exactly what makes this concept different from other Internet Marketing programs and he concluded, "This new concept will allow us to monitor the effects of today's Internet marketing trends. When those trends change, we can adjust our customer's accounts daily to optimize their effectiveness in gaining new customers over the web. Cross Net Media will really be a Brokerage House insuring that the investments of our clients are protected and produce results both today and tomorrow".

About Cross Net Media, Inc. - Cross Net Media is a Marketing Services Broker focusing on both online and offline marketing designed to improve a clients web presence through the use of proven systems such as print media, search engine marketing, key word optimization, media relations and pay per click advertising to optimize the advertising efforts of its' clients. More information can be found at the company's website located at and company's President, Gene Culver can be reached for comment at 267-988-8751 Ext 221.

About ProvideTechnology, LLC � ProvideTechnology is a technology consulting company that offers services such Internet Marketing, T1 and Dedicated Services and Technology Consulting to it's clients. More information can be found at the company's website located at and the company's CEO, Jack Spirko can be reached for comment at 866-994-1212.

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